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The Halifax Pride Society relies on a variety of committees to offer planning and guidance. These committees allow us to benefit from the experience in our community, hear diverse voices, provide opportunities for community involvement, and better allocate decision-making responsibilities.


Each committee is facilitated by a board director or a designated committee lead, whose reports guide the board. Committee participation is open to the public, but we encourage the participation of individuals with a marked interest in the committee topic. Committee members may assist with the implementation of tasks and goals, but such work is not mandatory for committee membership. Committee involvement requires a minimal time commitment and no term obligation.


  • ACCESSIBILITY: assists by offering logistical input or project suggestions to remove barriers to participation

  • COMMUNICATIONS: guides communications strategies, primarily through social media efforts

  • EDUCATION: develops tools for outreach and training

  • ELDER: identifies barriers to participation and new engagement opportunities

  • EVENTS: directs planning on events outside festival time

  • GOVERNANCE: creates and directs society policy

  • HEALTH & WELLNESS: supports activities and initiatives that prioritize physical and mental health, as well as active living

  • PROGRAMMING: advises on festival artists and speakers

  • YOUTH: creates new opportunities for youth at the festival


Depending on the committee, meetings are held at most once a month or as little as twice a year. Committees may decide to meet more or less frequently, based on the will of the members. For locations and meeting times, please email with “Committee” in the subject line.