To Queer Arabs of Halifax:

We would like to wholeheartedly apologize to the Queer Arabs of Halifax. We are truly sorry.

In 2016 we created conditions that lead to significant harm to you and to the silencing of your voices. That has only been compounded by our failure to publicly apologize to them until now. Pride is supposed to be a safer space that prioritizes the members of its community above corporations and organizations that seek to use 2SLGBTQ+ folks for their gain. We understand the disillusionment with Halifax Pride due to our actions and inactions, but we are committed to forging a new path, together.

We commit to becoming more aware and conscious of the use of queer and trans liberation to not silence our own community members in the future. We acknowledge that queer and trans liberation is not fully attained until all queer and trans folks across the globe can live freely as their authentic selves.

Halifax Pride and the Queer Arabs of Halifax agree to continue a dialogue.