Community Meeting - January 29

On Monday, January 29th, Halifax Pride will host a community meeting in the Halifax Central Library. Halifax Pride organizes regular monthly meetings to gather feedback and update the community on our activities. Halifax Pride invites community input on a variety of subjects but we especially hope to gather community feedback on:

  • Preliminary Pride Festival planning

  • Community goals for the 2018 festival

  • New projects and ways for Pride to give back to the community


Halifax Pride January Community Meeting

Halifax Central Library - Creative Lab, 2nd Floor
Monday, January 29th
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm



  • Snacks and light refreshments will be offered.

  • The Halifax Central Library is a wheelchair accessible space.

  • Gender neutral washrooms are identified on site.

  • ASL interpretation services may be arranged by emailing a minimum of 72 hours prior to the event.

  • Halifax Pride is working to ensure an active listener is on site.

  • On site childcare can be provided.

  • Those requiring travel assistance may obtain Metro Transit tickets from the organizers at the event.



Halifax Pride is committed to encouraging conditions for safer spaces at our community gatherings. Everyone must feel respected, valued for who they are, and able to express themselves, regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, age, physical or mental ability.


Halifax Pride commits to and encourages all those who gather with us to:

  • Speak from personal experiences and avoid speaking on behalf of others

  • Try to use "I" statements to share reactions or experiences "I feel..." "I am affected by..."

  • Don't make assumptions about others’ identity or experiences

  • Be mindful of how long and often we speak so that everyone has a chance to contribute

  • Consider the impact of privilege and intersectionality on discussions

  • Listen to each other so we understand the various perspectives

  • Clarifying questions are encouraged

  • Share beliefs, opinions, and points of view rather than judgements

  • Allow others to speak and refrain from side conversations

  • Maintain confidentiality. Information shared that should stay inside these walls.

  • Notify a meeting organizer with specific concerns about being identified or photographed

  • We are all here to learn and all have things to offer the space