Register for the 2017 Parade


Halifax Pride encourages participation by all groups that desire to support their community and share the principal ideals of Halifax Pride: pride, inclusion, respect and diversity in all forms. Please note: Registration will run until July 14th,  There will be no late registrations due to the new registration process (completion of the HPPS).

We ask our registrants to recognize that the society’s mission is to celebrate the best of the LGBT2Q+ community and culture and to that end we will prioritize groups whose mandate and mission prioritizes LGBT2Q+.  We welcome diverse organizations but prioritize LGBT2Q+ led groups.  We welcome the support of those who ally themselves with Halifax Pride and our community. As allies, we welcome your support and hope you will work with us to ensure that at the Halifax Pride Festival the LGBT2Q+ community comes first.

To register:

  1. Read and review the Parade Policy Document.
  2. Complete the Halifax Pride Participant Survey (HPPS).
  3. Register online here.