Halifax Pride 2017 Parade Guide


This year’s parade will be held on the first weekend of the festival: Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 1 pm.

Want to be part of the Pride movement, share in the spirit of Halifax Pride, or support the LGBT2Q+ members in your community? The Halifax Pride Parade is now open for registration!

A number of improvements will be made this year to ensure that we better serve our LGBT2Q+ community and honor the politically rooted origins of the Pride Parade.

  • We’re asking all entrants to complete our Halifax Pride Participant Survey (HPPS) during the registration process. This survey will allow entrants to demonstrate their commitment, alignment to the values of the Pride movement and contributions to the LGBT2Q+ community.
  • All entrants must acknowledge reading and understanding theParade Policy Document.
  • Community groups and organizations directly affiliated with or specifically serving the LGBT2Q+ community will be given priority in placement and entrance into the parade. This is to ensure all LGBT2Q+ community members have the opportunity and access to celebrate their LGBT2Q+ identities, history, culture, and to give them a platform to educate and spread awareness of their organizations and needs.
  • Registration fees will be amended to reflect the change in focus of the parade:
    • LGBT2Q+ community advocacy groups/not-for-profits that serve the LGBT2Q+ community will be exempt from registration fees (Category A).  Direct services to the LGBT2Q+ community must be included in their official Mission Statement.