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In 2017, Halifax Pride adopted a committee structure to provide more opportunities for members of the community to be involved in the planning and execution of the festival. Committee involvement requires less time commitment than positions on the board of directors, and no term obligation. 

The purpose of these committees is to benefit from the expertise and experience in our community, to provide opportunities for more members of the community to get involved in the society, to learn new skills, to flatten the organization of Halifax Pride, and to better allocate decision-making responsibilities.

Committees meet approximately once a month to give direction on issues relevant to the committee or to offer feedback on presented topics. Each committee is facilitated by a member of the board of directors, or a designated committee lead, who reports on each committee meeting and uses the results to guide the board. Committee members may assist with the implementation of tasks and goals, but such work is not mandatory for committee membership.

The following committees were created in 2017: 

  • Accessibility Committee
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Logistics Committee
  • Programming Committee
  • Youth Committee

The following are committees Halifax Pride hopes to create in 2018:

  • Community Funding Committee
  • Elders Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Parade Committee
  • Volunteer Committee

For further information on Halifax Pride Committees please email Adam at